NKMH Media Sdn Bhd to be a chosen advertising agency and will always be creative, competitive and reliable. We keep quality and high impact resources available to entrepreneurs.
NKMH Media will be the preferred advertising agency of 10,000 entrepreneurs in Malaysia by 2030.


As NKMH Media’s CEO, Nissa Rosli prides herself for the esteemed Advertising Specialist that she is. Having been part of the industry for the past 11 years since her first embarkment with the 3 traditional platform giants at the time; Billboards, Television and Radio back in 2011.

Nissa Rosli has since then evolved and revolutionised her practices spanning through print, digital, mobile, production, Public Relations and event management.

Now as a backbone to her developing team, Nissa Rosli places her core at nurturing and shaping her young team while still fulfilling her long-time passion in strategising campaigns helping business owners achieve their marketing goals.



Having spent years tinkering with campaigns and marketing ideations, Hafiz Yahaya has found his footing within the ever-evolving Advertising Industry. His array of experiences in structuring billboards from the ground up to connecting businesses with talents and production teams help secured his grip to all on-ground practices.

Posing as NKMH Media’s COO, Hafiz Yahaya plays a pivotal role in establishing a swift executional flow for his team on a day-to-day basis.

His vast experiences along with the marketing expertise long-time developed equips Hafiz Yahaya in undertaking the roles to continuously devise and provide solutions to roadblocks or hick-ups along the way all while pursuing his passion for campaign ideations and Marketing tactics.



Celebrated within the Advertising industry for his sought after expertise as a Hybrid Planner, Azizul Hakim, our Planning Director has garnered substantial knowledge and experience within his decade-long reign from his early Business Development days to his present post amalgamating platforms, data and ideation to create the perfect Marketing Strategy.

From Sales to Ideation, in his ways, Azizul Hakim has shaped industry evolution. Moving away from a rates-driven practise to a more polished approach with data and justification.

Azizul Hakim’s involvement with Groundwork, Talent Management, Production and Storytelling spanning through multiple industries equips him in bringing NKMH Media beyond industry leagues and providing opportunities to businesses from any industry.


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